Corrigan & Company

For over twenty years, Corrigan & Company has worked with financial institutions in the highly specialized areas of Bank and Corporate-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI/COLI). We design and administer programs that are customized to meet our client’s objectives in the areas of Employee and Executive Benefits, Retirement Plans, and Deferred Compensation Programs. Our firm focuses its efforts in the Western United States, where we are well-known in our target markets. Contact us for more information about effective strategies for your financial institution.

What our clients say:

"For nearly twenty years, Corrigan & Company has been a trusted business partner of Columbia Bank. During this time, Corrigan & Company has served as the primary consultant for our executive benefit and BOLI programs. Their product knowledge, strategy formulation, and counsel is second to none, but more importantly, Corrigan & Company takes a thoughtful approach to creating customized solutions that meet our specific needs and objectives. Their availability and response times are impressive as well, always resulting in a satisfying client experience."

- Clint Stein EVP/Chief Operating Officer, Columbia Bank

The principal place of business and the state of domicile for Corrigan & Company is:

32 E Sola Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. T 800.456.3377 F 805.962.5053

Securities offered through M Holdings Securities, Inc. A Registered Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA /SIPC Corrigan & Company is independently owned and operated.


Consultation of Benefit Plans pursuant to Changes in Control

The financial services industry sees many M & A transactions each year.  Because so many financial institutions have adopted non-qualified benefit plans, these programs necessarily become a consideration influencing a potential acquisition or sale. Our expertise assures that the issues associated with these complex transactions are fully understood by the client, and that all the parties’ objectives are met.


The Buyer’s understanding of a company’s benefit programs and insurance investments is essential as this could have a material impact on the purchase price. Important issues/questions to consider are:

  • Are incentives in place for key people to continue their employment?
  • Are the programs adequately funded?
  • Are the underlying assumptions sound?

Our analysis ensures all relevant program attributes are factored into the valuation of the target company for purposes of making an informed offer.


For Sellers, we prepare comprehensive reports with succinct data, including schedules and analysis, to inform a prospective buyer. This ensures all relevant elements of the program(s) are properly valued in support of concise negotiations. Whether our client is a buyer or seller, our services at this critical time are “part of the package,” and are provided at no extra cost.

As a specialist in the area of Mergers and Acquisitions, Corrigan & Company provides a valuable and timely service that serves to both inform our clients and reduce the transactions costs associated with this complex process.

Having started a De Novo bank in 2006 meant securing relationships with key vendors critical to the success of the organization. One of our very first calls was to Corrigan and Company whom we had worked with over the preceding 20 years at our previous institution. We began by establishing Key Man Life Insurance on the CEO. Shortly after, we secured Bank Owned Life Insurance for key executives and managers throughout the organization, followed by consultation in establishing a supplemental executive retirement plan. Since the beginning, we have called upon Corrigan and Company to provide guidance in many areas relative to critical employee retention. There are but a few vendors that we see as absolute partners essential to the success of the bank, and Corrigan is one. Their responsiveness to management and board issues and questions, thoroughness when placing new products, and general industry expertise allows management to focus on growing the institution strategically. We are positive that our ability to retain key members could not have been accomplished without our partnership with Corrigan and Company.
— Hal Russell, President & CEO, Commencement Bank